Candid Plots: What Literature Festivals Do?

Be it the Jaipur Lit-Fest or the Karachi Lit-Fest, they seem to be organised more for creating political controversies that actually promoting literature.

what lit fest


Jai Jawan, Kaun Kisan

262 Gallantry Awards in one year and one Padma award for farmers in 62 years.

Jai Jawan, Kaun Kisan? In the 62 years history of Padma awards, Sri Subhash Palekar is the only farmer to get one. Is farming the most essential yet the most thankless job?

A motion graphics by me.

Animation: How Political Parties View Us

It’s amazing how quick political parties are in branding us, the Indians, into categories suited to them. This is an animation, based on my webseries, candid plots.


Candid Plots: Comedians vs Police

Kiku Sharda arrested for mimicking ‘godman’ Baba Ram Rahim in a rare swift action by Haryana Police.

black comedy

Candid Plots: World War Weapons

Candid Plots on North Korea’s claim on having successfully tested the Hydrogen Bomb.

world war weapons

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Quote by Albert Einstein



India in 2015, a free eBook

Last year I started a web-series, an experiment in minimal visual journalism, Candid Plots, for the Newsflicks. It got some appreciation from the twitterati, often getting retweets over 100.

I have compiled them as an eBook. If you want to quickly recap the major events in India for the last year, you can download it for FREE from,

pages from the BOOK:

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