Cartoon: Modi and Media, housefly or honeybee

“Journalism should be like honey bee and not housefly, as housefly sits on filth and spreads it around, but bee sits on flowers and produces honey,” — Narendra Modi

modi and media

modi’s approval to media

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Cartoon: Jammu-Kashmir elections

a cartoon on the ongoing Jammu Kashmir elections.

kashmir elections cartoon

jammu kashmir election cartoon

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Visual Dictionary : Learn new words easily

I invite you to like my facebook page “Visual Dictionary”. Here i would be illustrating words in a way that you can learn their meaning by simply looking at them and cracking fun little visual clues drawn within them. Hope you would like and share the page. The link is

catapult dictionary meaning jump hump dump dictionary meaning locomotive dictionary meaning



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Sketch from Sharabi: Amitab with Nathhulal

Sketch from Sharabi: Amitab with Nathhulal

Moochhein ho to nathhulal Jaise ho, warna na ho… Amitabh Bachchan conversing with Nathhulal.


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My first animation in After Effects: Graffiti Boy

Here is my first animation in after effects. It’s a short love story, basically a branding exercise for the company i am working with. Will appreciate if you share your opinion.

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Sketch with Bamboo Fun: Salman Khan (Chulbul Pandey)

salman khan sketch

Finally got wacom Bamboo Fun, Pen and Touch. Did not take much time to get a hang of it but still do not use most of the functionality. Made a sketch of Salman Khan, Bollywood Superstar with it. To be precise his sketch in the movie series Dabangg in which he plays swashbuckling policeman Chulbul Pandey.

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Animation: Mr Thok Bajakar (Mr Fusspot)

Finally, got a chance to work on some animation. The idea was to create a character who is extremely fussy about whatever he buys and so Mr. Thok Bajakar (Mr. Fusspot) happened. Of course, it is a promotional video about a particular service(not brand) yet i was able to think of some old fashioned Pink Panther kind of sub plots. This is short and ends with benefits and How to stuff. Had fun making it and hope you like it.


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