Paradox of Purposes

Yes, mistakes, misery, laundry, everything has a purpose. But,

If everything has a purpose, then a purpose too will have a purpose, and so on ad infinitum. [Paradox of Purposes]

So, does there exist any thing to which we can point and say, I understand its purpose. Because to understand its purpose we have to understand its purpose’s purpose and so on. The possibility of a definite purpose can yet exist if we can establish that this series of purposes, of an object or an event, is a convergent series i.e. each subsequent purpose keeps getting smaller and sum of all these purposes is a finite purpose. But then, the present purpose is the one which is derived from the subsequent purpose. So, the following purpose is the one which keeps getting bigger i.e. the Higher purpose. It surely looks as if it is a divergent series.
You see, the purpose of this keyboard is to type. The purpose of typing is to communicate. The purpose of communication is to establish relationships. The purpose of relationships is to bring misery. The purpose of misery is to create balance. The purpose of balance is to make things go longer. The purpose of anything staying longer is to, well, i don’t know.
By the way, that’s a nice insight i.e. We write to create balance.


4 thoughts on “Paradox of Purposes

  1. I like to think the purpose of relationships is to create love. The human condition brings misery. This paradigm is the yin and yang of balance in our lives. To achieve perfect balance is … nirvana? I like to think so. 🙂

    1. it was a fun-piece to write and continuing the fun..we establish the purpose as per our own experiences and objectives..i see many a relationship shaping up to confirm to the normal social behavior and when a relationship is not established for its own sake..very soon..complementary(yin and yang) can become contradictory though i agree that when a relationship develops in a spontaneous manner..the purpose would be closer to what you said..

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