Who rules the 100 Indians?

If India were 100 people, How many of them are ruled by the each of the political parties.

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Jai Jawan, Kaun Kisan

262 Gallantry Awards in one year and one Padma award for farmers in 62 years.

Jai Jawan, Kaun Kisan? In the 62 years history of Padma awards, Sri Subhash Palekar is the only farmer to get one. Is farming the most essential yet the most thankless job?

A motion graphics by me.

My first animation in After Effects: Graffiti Boy

Here is my first animation in after effects. It’s a short love story, basically a branding exercise for the company i am working with. Will appreciate if you share your opinion.

Animation: Mr Thok Bajakar (Mr Fusspot)

Finally, got a chance to work on some animation. The idea was to create a character who is extremely fussy about whatever he buys and so Mr. Thok Bajakar (Mr. Fusspot) happened. Of course, it is a promotional video about a particular service(not brand) yet i was able to think of some old fashioned Pink Panther kind of sub plots. This is short and ends with benefits and How to stuff. Had fun making it and hope you like it.