First 36 Earthquake Tweets and a Premonition!

Tweets after Tajikistan earthquake and an eerie one just before the earthquake!

first 40 earthquake tweetsEARTQUAKE PREMONITION



Twitter Analysis: Indian Media Hashtag War

Understanding how media organizations trend hashtags around a particular event.

Sushma-Lalit Hashtag War – Analysis

Candid Plots: Congress in Slumber

Congress has gone into a deep, deep Slumber.


Who rules the 100 Indians?

If India were 100 people, How many of them are ruled by the each of the political parties.

twitter: Chandan Kumar

Candid Plots: Preity Zinta Marries Gene Goodenough

Preity Zinta marries Gene Goodenough. On a not so serious note…

goodenough 2