If India were 100 people …

Made an infographic video which illustrates how the Indian society will look if India were 100 people …

https://twitter.com/pencilreturns .


Candid Plots: Preity Zinta Marries Gene Goodenough

Preity Zinta marries Gene Goodenough. On a not so serious note…

goodenough 2

Candid Plots: Reservation for Rioters!

The mob which burnt the shops, schools and other properties in Haryana in the name of reservation should be given the reservation but not in Jobs!

riot reservation


Candid Plots: How safe do we feel?

The lawmakers, law-keepers and the law protectors, all of them think that they can beat and abuse people as they wish. Instead of feeling safe due to the justice system, we feel threatened by them,

how safe

Candid Plots: What Literature Festivals Do?

Be it the Jaipur Lit-Fest or the Karachi Lit-Fest, they seem to be organised more for creating political controversies that actually promoting literature.

what lit fest